Learning market is the fundamental ecosystem of our society and at the same time the less disrupted market in the web 2.0.

In 2019 we have every kind of knowledge available to everyone, but at the same time we trust entities more than in other markets.

Everyone all over the world can study from the brightest contents in a cheep and even free way, but people need a degree, because in the Learning Industry we missed the most important thing to disrupt:

For masses, the opportunity to learn everything in a personalized and lifelong way is useless if they can’t be discovered in the world of work. This scenario is becoming weird since Google and other big companies are using this situation as a competitive advantage, spending billions of dollars in finding talented new employees and partners, not from Universities, but from better and more sophisticated new ways.

In the end of the day, Startups and Small-Businesses can’t reach talented people, because in technology we failed in building the tools and making available for everyone to find them...