Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi

I'm a Lifelong Learner, entrepreneur, Blockchain and AI writer, developer and investor.
I'm focussed on Risepic.com The decentralized ecosystem for lifelong learners and as advisor of the Decentralized AI Community

I Co-founded Risepic to democratize and disrupt the stagnancy and lobbyism in the Learning and Education industries

I co-founded the Decentralized AI Community to build a Network of innovators focussed on the importance of Trustless, Decentralized Data, Interoperability and Decentralized AI 

As a writer I'm writing for HackerNoon about Blockchain and AI with the eyes of an entrepreneur focussed on the long run, trying to develop the best Trustless based technology as I can

Understanding The Gold Rush of Scalable and Validated Data powered by Blockchain and Decentralized AI

Decentralized Data: “Why Blockchain is meaningless and Trustless is everything”

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Understanding How Blockchain Can Make Artificial Intelligence Safer and Smarter

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What’s the next step in Blockchain technology?

The Next Generation of Blockchain Startups Will Be a Convergence of Utility Tokens and Private Equity

I'm trying as much as I can to help and partecipate in some side projects I love

PS: I'm passionate about AI and non-speculative or financial related Blockchain projects


An XML way to decentralize non-scripted stuff

AION | Investor, Partner & Supporter

DAIA | Contributor, Partner & Supporter


Co-Founder at Risepic

Co-Founder at DecentralizedAI

Writer at HackerNoon

Scientific Board at Decentra